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vegetarian restaurant - Manifestos of the Moon

About vegetarian restaurant

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most of these recommendations were made by others

Loving Hut (coming to Atlanta)
Cafe Life (Roswell Rd)
Lovin' It Live (East Point)
Veggieland (Pharr Rd at Peachtree St.)
Cafe Sunflower (Sandy Springs, Buckhead)
Eclipse d'Luna
Green Sprout
Vegan Options
World Peace Cafe (Sandy Springs)(some Vegan)
Udipi Cafe (Decatur)
Soul Vegetarian Restaurant (mostly Vegan)
Soul Vegetarian International (mostly Vegan)
Dynamic Dish
Vatica (Marietta)
Calabash Vegetarian Kitchen (Vegan)
New Lucky China (look for vegetarian menu)
Chinese Buddha (ask for vegetarian menu)
Efe's (Marietta)
Rainbow Grocery (has a cafe)
Madras Sarvana Bhavan
Sweet Tomatoes (some meat dishes)
Lettuce Souprise You (some meat dishes)
R Thomas
The Flying Biscuit
Village Pizza (Cabbagetown) (has soy pizza)

Personally I love the vegetarian sandwiches at Mellow Mushroom
and you can't beat the vegetarian pizza at Elwood's Pizza (ask for it with no cheese)
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