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al-Qaida infiltrated Dubai government - Manifestos of the Moon

About al-Qaida infiltrated Dubai government

Previous Entry al-Qaida infiltrated Dubai government Apr. 19th, 2006 @ 09:10 pm Next Entry
In the midst of all the controversy over allowing the state-owned Dubai Ports to manage seaports in the U.S., I never saw anyone mention that al-Qaida had infiltrated the government of United Arab Emirates.

Maybe I missed it. I heard all about money being funneled to terrorists through Dubai, about UAE bank secrecy rules making it difficult to trace that monetary flow, about terrorists traveling in and out of that country's port.

But no where did I see it mentioned that al-Qaida had actually infiltrated various Dubai government ministries--and bragged about it! Yet documents taken from a captured computer which belonged to a high-ranking al-Qaida official confirm this. "You are well aware that we have infiltrated your security, censorship, and monetary agencies along with other agencies that should not be mentioned." this official warned the emirates of Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

What follows is the full text of the letter, which I found on a public government website.

In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful

Number (blank) Date 14/ May/June/2002

Al-Jihad Qaida’s [TC: Qaida: also means base in Arabic]

{Get the idolaters out of Arab Island} [TC: Gulf Countries]

To: Officials in the United Arab Emirates and especially the two emirates of Abu-Dhabi and Dubai:

We have come to know definitely that the Emirate country is committing acts of injustice against the striving youth of the Emirates and others who sympathize with us in order to appease the Americans’ wishes which include: spying, persecution, and detainments. The United Emirates authorities have recently detained a number of Mujahideen and handed them over to suppressive organizations in their country in addition to having a number of them still in its custody. Undoubtedly, these practices bring the country into a fighting ring in which it cannot endure or escape from its consequences especially since the Emirates’ social composition is the most productive, and very explosive.

You are well aware that we have infiltrated your security, censorship, and monetary agencies along with other agencies that should not be mentioned.

Therefore, we warn of the continuation of practicing such policies, which do not serve your interests and will only cost you many problems that will place you in an embarrassing state before your citizens. In addition, it will prove your agencies’ immobility and failure. Also, we are confident that you are fully aware that your agencies will not get to the same high level of your American Lords. Furthermore, your intelligence will not be cleverer than theirs, and your censorship capabilities are not worth much against what they have reached. In spite of all this Allah has granted us success to get even with them and harm them.

However, you are an easier target than them; your homeland is exposed to us.

There are many vital interests that will hurt you if we decided to harm them, especially, since you rely on shameless tourism in your economical income!!

Finally, our policies are not to operate in your homeland and/or tamper with your security because we are occupied with others which we consider are enemies of this nation. If you compel us to do so, we are prepared to postpone our program for a short period and allocate some time for you.

Therefore, we ask you to release all the Mujahideen detainees since September incidents and anyone who was detained and suspected of having a connection with these incidents; otherwise, we will be compelled, with no regret, to change our policies towards you.

Al-Jihad Qaida Organization

I found this document on March 16, 2006 here: http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/documents-docex/Al-Qaida/AFGP-2002-603856-Trans.pdf It appears to have been subsequently removed. It can be downloaded (along with the original in Arabic) from my website www.atheology.com
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