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The earth-centered universe - Manifestos of the Moon

About The earth-centered universe

Previous Entry The earth-centered universe Nov. 15th, 2005 @ 10:21 am Next Entry
As we know, there exist "shrill" people who reject not only evolution but also heliocentricism, such as those at fixedearth.com who argue that
Some would like to think this challenge to the Copernican Model is being made by a handful of Bible Fundamentalists who stupidly think they can defeat Copernicanism by simply quoting the Bible’s geocentric and creationist Scriptures. Wrong! No one is that naive in this day and age! Rather, what must be grasped is that this challenge to the Copernican Model is rooted and grounded in purely scientific, historical, and religious facts. Those facts are the only weapons required in this battle. They are capable in and of themselves of exposing Copernicanism as the vulnerable keystone that is holding up the Big Bang Kabbalist Kosmology of 15 billions years of Evolutionism. This is a demonstrably huge deception which has become modern man’s foundational premise behind all his "knowledge". These facts--without even mentioning what the Bible teaches--prove that the Earth is not rotating on an axis nor orbiting the sun. Those facts by themselves reveal a deception of incomparable magnitude that has been built entirely on assumptions and fraud.
But there are more thoughtful advocates as well, such as those at Geocentricity.com who, in addition to publishing The Biblical Astronomer and combating the kooks who believe the lunar landings were faked, write papers on superstrings and "the aether as a plenum" in order to
mathematically. . .demonstrate that whether or not the creation is geocentric, the universe has to rotate as a solid body in order for it to exist. This is done by examining the very foundations for the laws of physics, which laws relate properties such as mass, distance, and gravity by fundamental constants. It is the values of these fundamental constants which requires the rotation of the universe and, furthermore, specifies that the rotation period is of the order of one day. [source: Abstract of "Massive Superstrings and the Firmament" by Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D.]
For lowbrow entertainment I recommend fixedearth.com, but if it's highbrow fun you seek, you can't go wrong with geocentricity.com
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