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Niger forgery - Manifestos of the Moon

About Niger forgery

Previous Entry Niger forgery Oct. 25th, 2005 @ 11:33 pm Next Entry
Discounting the known forgery, did Iraq at least seek to purchase uranium from Niger? This analysis says no.

Next question: who created the Niger forgery? Note the claim that Patrick Fitzgerald, who reportedly will issue indictments tomorrow in the Plame matter, has obtained the "non-redacted" Italian report on the forgery, something reported by UPI as well.

Was the White House Iraqi Group or the Office of Special Plans (which the Administration set up in the Pentagon to push for invading Iraq) ultimately responsible for the creation of the Niger forgery? Was it part of their effort (in the words of the Downing Street memo) to "fix" the intelligence to support an invasion of Iraq? Or was the forgery strictly an Italian initiative?
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